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Truth Consulting, a professional marketing research company, mainly focuses on the fields of marketing survey, data analysis and marketing strategy. Truth Consulting has managed for more than one decade as commenced at 2003.

Truth Consulting is oriented to top tailor-made projects. Aside from the research field, Truth Consulting has implemented the Flying-Chinese-Dragon Scheme for the fieldwork system, leading by its professional researchers as the dragon's head, cooperating with local fieldwork partners as well as adopting cross-space survey system as the dragon's body, and assisting with its supervisors as the dragon's wing. Thus, the research projects all around China and the world could be conducted by this quality guaranteed, effective and economical executing system.

Industry Standard

Truth Consulting abide by  the industry regulation of China, Hong Kong and international standard of ESOMAR.  

Excellent Experience
Ample research experiences are available among the senior researchers as they have been the research director of top marketing research company or Asia marketing research manager of Fortune 100 multinational enterprises.  Some researchers have dedicated to the establishing of the industry association of China.  Over 300 research cases have been processed successfully in many industries, including Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Durable Consumer Goods, such as IT, Telecom, Clothing, Real Estate, Banking, Insurance, Investment, Logistic, Travel, Retail, Food, Drink, Health Care, Furniture, and so on.
Professional Research
Based on statistical models, integrated with the Chinese wisdom and modern methodology by the international and local postgraduates, Truth Consulting concentrates on three professional research fields, including Consumer Satisfaction Research, Product&Market Positioning Research, Brand Positioning Research.  The vision of Truth Consulting is to be one of the top marketing research specialist by integrating international research with local culture in order to provide clients a professional serivce according to this Focus Strategy.
Valuable Service
Truth consulting has branches in Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The international business, especially in Macao, Taiwan, Japan, India, Australia, Europe, American and other countries, are operated by HK office, while the domestic projects all around China are performed by GZ office.
Truth Consulting possess its own office and fieldwork system in GZ. With online survey system(English and Chinese version), Truth Consulting could cover the fieldwork in China and international area, while, accompanying with the partners as well, so as to provide valuable services to clients based on this Backward Integration Strategy of Overall Cost Leadership.
Truth Consulting has the authority of applying three online databases, including ChinaInfoBank, DRCNET and CQVIP, which could  enrich the information source of desk research and add additional value for the research projects.
Now, with its professional and diligent work in the past years, Truth Consulting has achieved high awareness in the industry and good reputation among the cooperated clients and partners.



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