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Truth Research mainly focused on marketing research, including consumer research, product and service research, brand research, market promotion research, and so on.  We offer accurate and actionable market data to our clients, which are obtained through scientific sampling, purposeful questionnaire designing, strict field work, precise statistic analyzing.   Truth Research cooperates tightly with Truth Strateg, and makes our research service contains more strategic meaning and make it easier to find the marketing problems and chances.  It makes marketing research not only to find the problems but also to find the answers, so it promotes the pertinence and practicability of research.

Truth Strategy is based on the research data and engaged mainly in developing practicable action strategies by senior researcher and guided by professor.  Our consulting combines the research results and client’s internal data to make the vast and scattered data to be presented systematically and professionally.  Supported by Truth Research, Truth Strategy offers our clients not only the practicable and creative strategy schemes, but also the opinions validated by market and consumer.

Most of the researchers in Truth Consulting have many years research experience with the educational level of master or above.  The senior background ensures that we could provide topping research service on different reserach fields.  We can provide professional international research and perhaps better statistical analysis methods.  The characteristic of Truth is our international level statistical analysis model with the support of professor and senior analyst.


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