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Step 4. Collect Data


Marketing Research Steps: Marketing Research Data Collection

Marketing research data collection (often called survey fielding) is the point at which the finalized questionnaire (survey instrument) is used in gathering information among the chosen sample segments. There are a variety of data collection methodologies to consider.

Selecting which is the most appropriate marketing research data collection methodology for a particular research project takes place during Steps 2 & 3 of the marketing research process.

Marketing research data collection typically begins with field testing the final questionnaire with a small portion of the respondent sample to make sure it is gathering information correctly. Then data collection can be fairly automatic throughout the remainder of the marketing research data collection process. When quota groups and/or sample subgroups are being screened for, data collection will require more oversight, maintenance time and cost. Regardless of the data collection methodology chosen, the data collection process often takes from 25 percent to 50 percent of the total time needed to complete a research project.

Market research data collection methods:

  • omputer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)
  • Internet survey
  • Mail survey
  • Mall intercepts
  • Traditional telephone interviewing
  • Internet panel
  • Mail panel
  • In-home panel


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