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 1)Consumer Satisfaction Research

Including Consumer Satisfaction Evaluation, Influence Factor of Satisfaction Research, Satisfaction Influence to Product and Service, Consumer Satisfaction and Expectation Analysis.


2)Brand and Corporation Image Research

Including Brand and Corporation’s Perception, Brand and Corporation’s Credibility, Brand Loyalty, Brand Building, Target Consumer Positioning, Brand Character Positioning, Brand Image Test, Brand Extending, Brand Influence to Purchase, Brand Broadcast Way and Effect Research.


3)Target Market Research

Market Environment Analysis, Industry Analysis, Entering Chance Analysis, Target Consumer Research, Market STP, Market Entering Strategy, Analysis of Market Share, the trend of Price Variety Analysis, Market Promotion Effect Analysis.


4)Consumer Behavior Research

Consumer's Usability and Attitude Research, Consumption Research, Incentive of Purchase Research, Consumer Decision-making Process and Influence Factor Analysis, Consumer Life Character Analysis.


5)Product Reserch

Including New Product Developing Research, Conception Test, Product Character Test, Naming Test, Product Test, Packing Test, Promotion Test, Marketing Idea Test, Market Entering Strategy Research, Product’s Price Research, Sales Channel Research, Product Tracing Research.


6)Advertisement and Its Effect Research

Including Advertisement Scheme Test, Advertisement Strategy, Competitor’s Advertisement Monitoring, Information Broadcasting factor Test, The habit of Media Contacting Research, Broadcasting Effect Test.


7)Competitors and Competitive Strategy Analysis

Including Competitor’s Behavior Analysis, Competitor’s Resource , Competition Positioning and Strategy, Contrasting Analysis, Competitor’s Advertisement Strategy Analysis.


8)Investment Estimate Research

Including Investment Environment Research, Retailing and Commerce influence Research, Investment Risk Forecasting, Investment and Yield Analysis, Investment Integrated Benefit Compare.


9)Data Mining Research

To mine the mass data of corporation, to statistic and analyze the history and existing consumers’ information, sales information, industry information and so on, to find forecasting result.


10)Oversea Business Consulting

International OEM,components supplier and contract manufacturing, industry research and industry catalogue,etc .


Additional Services: 


11)Direct Marketing

Telephone marketing,Email marketing,Web marketing,Conference marketing, etc.


12)Technical Training

Marketing Research TrainingSPSS Training Competitive Intelligence TrainingSatisfaction Research and Service Improve TrainingMarketing training.


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