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1. Our Approach

Customer focused organizations consistently outperform companies that are solely driven by innovation and operational efficiencies.  By understanding customer needs and expectations and basing decisions on this information, these organizations become market leaders that are more agile, more responsive, and more profitable than their competition.
Also, there is a demonstrated link between customer and employee satisfaction. As a result if your customers are somewhat satisfied and your employees are very dissatisfied it will be virtually impossible to improve customer satisfaction without addressing employee satisfaction.
2. Truth’s Satisfaction Research Fields
Corporate Customer Satisfaction Studies
Corporate customer satisfaction research studies are an organization wide study that measures all five components of Customer Value: product/solution quality, service quality, price, image and relationships. Several of the five components may have sub-areas that address very specific attributes. The corporate survey measures customers’ perceptions and attitudes that answer the question ‘how do customers feel about doing business with us?’
Lost Customer Analysis
Lost customer analysis requires conducting a follow-up, exit interview shortly after a customer defects. The purpose of the interview is to gain an in-depth understanding of why the customer left. If the lost customers are quite important personal interviews are appropriate. If the lost customers are less important or more widely dispersed geographically, telephone interviews are probably adequate. This research provides valuable insight into critical value creating process, product/service positioning and other key aspects of your company’s products and services.
Employee Satisfaction
Employee satisfaction research studies are an organization wide study that measures employee satisfaction with key organizational components such as leadership, career path, immediate supervisors, communication, training, etc. Several of these components may sub-areas that address very specific attributes. The employee satisfaction study measures the employees’ perceptions and attitudes that answer the question “how do employees feel about working at Company XYZ?” These studies typically have between 40 and 60 questions most of which are quantitatively scaled.
Transaction Research
A transaction survey is an integral part of a comprehensive customer satisfaction program. With transaction surveys detailed customer input is sought shortly after an event or transactions has occurred. Transaction surveys provide timely feedback from customers to process owners. The questions are very specific; more detailed than those on a corporate customer satisfaction study, and are tied to both the characteristics of the event or transaction and the value-added processes. These studies are aligned with the Customer View of your business. This timely and specific feedback from customers is a valuable resource that can be used as a driver of process improvement.
Transaction studies commonly measure new customer satisfaction, product/program rollouts, service/support calls, lost prospects, post sales service, etc. as depicted in our Customer Satisfaction Measurements Model.
3. Truth’s Solution for Customer Satisfaction Tracking
Truth’s utilizes proven market research techniques to deliver unbiased, statistically reliable research analysis resulting in clear actionable information. Truth’s research experience provide clients with a robust solution for maximizing revenue and profitability through customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty and business process optimization.
Truth specializes in customer satisfaction tracking research and ongoing customer tracking surveys varying in sample size, survey methodology, interview frequency, vertical industry, reporting style, etc.
We apply a customizable approach that tracks issues found to be most important to you and your customers using customer tracking surveys. Our approach recognizes that each organization has distinctly different issues and needs, and that measuring customer satisfaction is an ongoing process.
Our approach for designing such a program is generally broken down into several phases.
Phases for Developing a Tracking Research Survey
Truth Consulting is a full-service, solutions based market research firm with proven expertise in research design, analysis, reporting, business process improvement and leading organizational change initiatives. 
Phase One –Fundamental research and Questionnaire Design
During our initial meeting, we develop a more detailed understanding of your specific informational needs, any current hypotheses, and your expectations for the customer satisfaction tracking program. Truth Marketing Research will review available strategic information to determine potential attributes, areas of interest and behavioral drivers (purchase/satisfaction/awareness). Because these drivers can vary between your product/service categories, buyer level/type, buyer industry and many other factors, understanding and verifying key drivers and attributes can range from simple to complex. The primary goal of the initial phase of customer satisfaction tracking research is to determine whether sufficient knowledge and comfort exists to move into customer tracking survey questionnaire design, or whether additional up-front research is potentially needed (such as historical data analysis, employee brainstorming, In-depth interviews, focus groups, or a longer baseline survey designed for detailed statistical driver analysis).
Phase Two – Research Methods Design and Conduct
Once we uncover the most important attributes and drivers and understand the respondent groups to be surveyed, we can make refinements to our approach and the survey questionnaire. We will take that information and work with you in designing a tracking research survey that gathers information about the most relevant attributes, and provides meaningful knowledge.
Phase Three - Implement Ongoing Customer Satisfaction Tracking
A shortened tracking research survey among a random sample of recent customers will provide an accurate and cost effective snapshot of your company’s performance on key measures over time. The customer tracking survey should efficiently question customers on the key satisfaction drivers. The overall goal of the tracking survey is to provide continuous quality feedback, while providing a positive experience for the customer.
Phase Four –Results Presentation
We work closely with our clients in helping them drive the customer satisfaction tracking research we collect throughout their organization. We realize that organizations communicate in a wide variety of ways, which is why we offer an array of reporting options to choose from. The most significant market research survey results are only useful if they readily provide management with understandable and actionable information.
Phase Five –Revise/Refresh as Needed
We continually look for opportunities to improve in all phases of the customer tracking survey research process so that your company can fully leverage survey results while getting maximum value from its market research investment.    

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